Gina (wpanthergirl) wrote in your_input,

10 Things You Don't Know About Women

1) We go to the bathroom together because we are doing coke.
2) We want to cuddle after sex because we are fucking freezing!
3) Make-up gets us high.
4) The "Menstrual cramp" is made up like the "holocaust"
5) Not all women like crappy sappy movies. Unfortuantely many do. Which is why they get made.So ultimately you can blame women for perpetuation of mediocrity in films.
6) Vagina's have a hidden pocket for change (not coins, social change)
7) Our eyes are up here.
8) We hate our thighs because they opposed our right to vote.
9) Women who get boob jobs for "themselves" also give blowjobs for "themselves"
10) The labia minora is not a hanukka paraphernalia.
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