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Thursday, May 7th, 2009
3:15 am


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Sunday, April 6th, 2003
8:08 pm

HI! I am new at the polling thing but am working on it

These TWO Polls are for an Anthropology class. We are looking at internet communities for our project. You are welcome to contact me for any questions or release forms if you need or want them... no names or journals will be included in our final research. - please pass this poll along to your fiends!!! thanks sooo much.

Please click on my Journal name under my Icon to take my Poll

current mood: amused

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
7:14 pm

I have plenty of enough answers for my poll, thank you sooooo much for answering!!!
You guys are awesome!!


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Tuesday, January 21st, 2003
4:59 pm

Here's something kind of spiffy. Does anyone want to make a little (no I am not talking butt loads! your lucky if you make $5 a month) money taking quick survey's? I'm recruiting people to fill out survey's for $5 a survey. Like I said you don't make very much money, but you get a $5 check for everyone you complete. I've been a member since October and have only made $10, but thats 10 extra dollars I wouldn't have had otherwise. So if anyone is interested leave me a comment with your email address or you can email me with your email address at: Fruitiflvr82@hotmail.com

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Monday, January 13th, 2003
2:24 pm - Question

I have a question:

Is it possible to love someone your dating, but not be in love with the that person? If so, then how should I go about it?

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Thursday, December 5th, 2002
4:16 pm - Hum diddly dee...


How do you like your eggs cooked?

Do you even like eggs? If not, what do you prefer instead?


current mood: aggravated

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10:40 am

anyone know where I can download the Mah Jong game for my computer?
I dont wanna play on one of those free sites...

turns out that arent free,,,

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Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
1:17 pm

I say no but I’m getting shit from MANY people so I thought Id ask you guys… Is it wrong to enjoy the attention of a human so soon after a break up?

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
9:38 am

Nothing in here since september
I hadda post a quick hello and see how everyone is doing...

whats the best book youve ever read/listened too?

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Saturday, September 21st, 2002
11:27 am - Question Of The Day...

Who do you think seem to be the coolest famous people...like the people you would hang out with?

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Friday, September 6th, 2002
11:53 am - whats the best thing to do after really good sex

besides having a beer or cig
taking a nap
or intruducing yourself?

current mood: devious

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
7:38 pm - soo...

anyone know what happened to Matt and Rexy?! They haven't posted in quite some time, kinda odd.

current mood: wondering

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Monday, September 2nd, 2002
8:49 pm - 10 Things You Don't Know About Women

1) We go to the bathroom together because we are doing coke.
2) We want to cuddle after sex because we are fucking freezing!
3) Make-up gets us high.
4) The "Menstrual cramp" is made up like the "holocaust"
5) Not all women like crappy sappy movies. Unfortuantely many do. Which is why they get made.So ultimately you can blame women for perpetuation of mediocrity in films.
6) Vagina's have a hidden pocket for change (not coins, social change)
7) Our eyes are up here.
8) We hate our thighs because they opposed our right to vote.
9) Women who get boob jobs for "themselves" also give blowjobs for "themselves"
10) The labia minora is not a hanukka paraphernalia.

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Saturday, July 27th, 2002
2:37 am - Songs

What are some good songs I can download? Here are some examples of the type of music I like since I have 1 song by every artist I name.

12 Stones
Britney Spears
Dixie Chicks
Jimmy eat World
Kelly Osbourne
Mandy Moore
Moulin Rouge (most of the soundtrack)
New Found Glory
Our Lady Peace
Papa Roach
Puddle of Mudd
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Tenacious D
The Donnas
The Hives
The Vines
The Six Mafia f/ICP, Twizted

Yeah, thats it.

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Friday, July 26th, 2002
4:32 am - Whats with me?

Well me and my fwb just cut it off tonight. Well he made it official saying that it's better for both of us expecially since i'm starting to get feelings for another guy that I recently met. I'll run you through some history of each of them and then todays events.

Johnny (FWB)- him and I have probably known eachother for about a year and been screwing around for around 10-11 months... i'm not all too sure though. I had really strong feelings for him that really tortured me through most of our fwb relationship... but I finally started to get over them. Anyways he's 20 and umm... I don't know what the word for it is... goofy? yeah, well that will do... he's a silly guy. But a GREAT friend, and I'd never want to give up my friendship with him. Even though we've been told we bicker like we are old and married. lol.

Alright now onto....

Logan (new guy)- Well I met logan last weekend on the internet (yeah yeah yeah shush just keep reading) the first day we talked we talked for 20 hours out of the whole 24 of that day. On the phone, online, texting when he was at work... it was crazy. We've talked everyday for at LEAST 4 hours since we started talking, well today he came over to hang out with me before he went to work. Him and I both agreed that we were into eachother before we met. Anyways, i'm kinda getting off track. He's 19, works 2 jobs, and is starting tech college in the fall. But he jsut got out of a 2 year relationship and also is expecting a daughter in 2 months. I for one have no problem with this... I love kids and wouldn't mind dating a guy with a kid. I've made sure that him and his ex arn't getting back together also, so dont' lay into me about that. They would be better parents apart and happy than together and misterable anyways. He doesn't want to get into a real relationship at this point in his life because he doesn't want someone to be dragged along during this really tough time with him (i'v argued him about this)

Now todays events-

I'll skip to when Logan came over since this is the start of todays real events. He came over and we hung out played with my dog...ect. He's EVERYTHING I could want... he's tall, ungodly sweet, and affectionate. Just grrr... Then before he leaves we hug... and then end up kissing after a few minutes of standing by the door looking at eachother, and poking eachother. And then he kissed me (he already told me that he wanted to the night before) and on my god, I had to hold onto him, and back into the wall... it was amazing, and i've NEVER had a kiss like that before. After I leaned my chin on his chest and said "grr" and "wow" looking up at him and him looking down at me...it was too good to be true... anyways after a few more kisses and me trying not to fall he left.

About 10 minutes later Johnny comes over and I'm still in my "wow" stage.. and he knew that Logan was coming over and everything he asked how it was and I just couldn't even express myself. He took that as my lying to him and he got in a pretty bad mood, anyways, we watch WWE Smackdown (because thats one of the things we do on thursday) and I ended up kissing him and getting him hard so I started to rub his dick and balls, then he completely backed off and said he had to go... so I was like "uhhh okay" even though I didn't exactly make it easy for him. So when he gets online when he gets home he says that him and I should just be friends and that it's better for the both of us. I don't see how he thinks he knows whats good for me, I like what I had with him and completely would like to keep doing it until I have a boyfriend, or he has a girlfriend. He explained that he knows that my feelings for him are fading and that I like Logan and he doesn't want me to ever be doing something with him and be thinking of Logan and that stuff, also that our fwb thing was preventing him from looking to get a gf and everything. So I agreed and that was it.

Now the part i'm confused about... i'm not sure if i'm ok with it or not. I have that evil fluttering empty feeling and all. But i know he's right and really hope I can be friend with him. and now also I want to be more than friends with Logan, at least i'm pretty sure I do, after a few more days with him i'm sure i'll know. Anyways, he doesn't want that or need that right now... and i'm just really afraid to like him more and that i'll get hurt. I know him and I are right for eachother right now though, he's what i'm looking for and i'm what he's looking for (or at least told me he is) I find him attractive and he finds me attractive. *sigh* I just don't get why he doesn't want to get involved with me.

Now, Questions comments please comment... I need help.. Am i just really screwed up or what? HELP!!


current mood: confused

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002
2:00 am - Question:

Ok, what is the worst sex story youve ever had? Mines is in my journal.

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Sunday, July 7th, 2002
9:19 pm - long time no posting...

what is your favorite show on Adult Swim?

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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
10:20 pm

if you are inna closer monogamous relationship and you or your partner has cyber sex with someone, is it considered cheating?

current mood: curious

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
12:40 am - Major Advice Needed

Alright, this is killing me. I've written before about how I have a friend with benifits. We've been doing this for almost a year. We do everything but have sex (yes we do oral). *sigh* and of course i've broken the main rule, no falling in love. I don't know if he knows... I don't know what I should do. Should I keep doing stuff with him? Or just ask to be friends, he's told me before that, that would be fine too. I don't want us to stop screwing around... i'm so happy when i'm with him... I worry about him, and care about him more than anything. Nither of us has screwed around with anyone else. He treats me better than any other guy ever has, doesn't yell or hit me. I've told him how I feel but he said that if he said he cared about me like that he'd just be lying to me and himself and he can't do that. He wants to be friends no matter what... I don't know if I'm that strong. I want to be with him really badly, but I know there is nothing I can do to change his mind... and I know I wouldn't want him to lie. I'm just so clueless. I love to just be able to hug him and feel comfortable... thats something i've never been able to do with anyone. Why am I not good enough? Just any advice would help.... sorry for freaking out, I just needed to get some of this out. And sorry if this doesn't fit in the catagory of the community. Should I stop talking to and seeing him all together? Should I try friends? Or should I keep the thing I have? Don't get me wrong what him and I have is wonderful (to me, i'm not sure about to him) and I really don't want to lose him in any way. Grrr... I need some major help... thanks...


current mood: crushed

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Monday, June 24th, 2002
12:07 pm

Who is funnier? Andy Dick or Tom Green?

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